207070 10150149045285044 730995043 6993178 3681502 nI watched the April 15th West Michigan Week on WGVU with an creeping sense of dread belied by a swell of clarity. Dread from a hail of jaundiced data from a false citizen organization who's life cycle resembles a periodical cicada - venturing into the light only during years of transit millages. Dread from the false citizen representing his organization with a blithe disregard of a Junior Class Presidential candidate. And, dread from the continued efforts by the media - highlighted by the recent Grand Rapids Press series on the issues - to bolster a false equivalency between a couple of guys hoping to get invited to speak at a Mackinaw Center Black Tie Dinner and an ongoing, successful model of regional governmental cooperation.

As the candidate for class president whined about 'personal attacks' by supporters of the millage, clarity intervened: sorry guys it is personal. Public Transit is a citical piece of our region's infrastructure that thousands rely on every day to live. All data aside, we can't - as citizens - allow a couple of guys to use our public assets as cudgels to cobble their anti-tax bona-fides. They don't care about Grand Rapids and they don't care about the people of Grand Rapids. They only care about defeating this millage and taking the scalp as an offering to appease the gods of their personal, political futures.

These false citizens enjoying their false equivalency must not be allowed to digress the hard work that we've all invested in a vibrant and urban Grand Rapids. Take it personally: vote for your personal, civic interest. Vote Yes on May 3rd.