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On August 31st, we rolled out our work for the Midtown Neighborhood Association and The Fulton Street Farmers Market.

irwinshelleywebGreg leads the charge on the WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin.

Thanks to Shelley for being a great friend to architecture and design in Grand Rapids.

While an architect’s character flaws can manifest themselves in many unexpected and anti-social ways – all of which will be addressed in subsequent blog posts – one of the more socially acceptable way that architects pursue praise is through the multitude of  design awards programs.

jane jacobsHa! The WSJ hates Jane? I can’t believe it!

I love it when developers blame her for lack of affordability in Manhattan. Especially when comparing her with Robert Moses: NYC’s champion of economic diversity – you’ve finished The Power Broker, right?

Just got back from Chicago & NeoCon2010. It’s always a sensory overload. We’ve learned to plan ahead, to schedule our tours, and to be very selective about our visits.

jspeck thumb.jpgIt takes no small amount of vanity for one of the High Priests of New Urbanism to write about the perceived hatred of New Urbanists by architects – in Architect Magazine no less. But credit where it’s due: Jeff Speck has a very high opinion of himself and of his crusade. While I admire his conviction, I don’t share it.

Maybe it’s because of his messianic certainty.  Maybe because  it’s never about architectural style, except when it is.  But maybe it’s because, as he opens his post for Architecture Magazine saying that he’s writing to rebut Robert Bruegmann’s critique of Speck & Duany’s new book, Speck quickly devolves into middle school stereotyping that envelops the remainder of the piece.  Was there a point to be made?

Don’t even get me started about Duany…