On Wednesday we steamed up the Yesterdogs and Amy Ruis loaded in the beers and the wines (she even brought some special French stuff for me and Greg) for our annual holiday shindig. These parties never fail to surprise. Clients, partners, contractors, elected officials, revolutionaries, paratroopers, lion tamers, friends, family, and carpet reps roll through the doors for a drink and a dog. We had a time!

Our Christmas party has really evolved into our way of saying thanks to all the people we work with during the previous year. Dogs & Drinks! So, thank you and best wishes in the new year to all our clients, partners, friends, and family. Especially, everyone at Spectrum Health and all of our precious clients; the deal makers and nail pounders at Rockford Construction, Pioneer Construction and First Companies; the revolutionaries of East Hills; our partners at Nederveld, Inc., Comprehensive Engineering, and Engineered Structures; and all our GooGoo troublemakers. We're a better architecture firm because of all your time and efforts.

Here's to a great 2011

Happy Christmas!

ps: lay those Torbreck Woodcutter's Shiraz down for a couple of years...they really mallow out nicely...

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