We haven't seen much of Greg for the past week. He's been re-jiggering the AIA Grand Valley 2010 Honor Awards.

campfire.aiagv02 DSCF3611

Greg's moved the traditional spring event to align with ArtPrize; found a storefront; and flipped the script on the awards banquet turning it into much more of an opening reception. Greg also formed a partnership with Teamwork Bags who have opened their pop-up store in the space. The space is rough and rugged and filled with interesting goodies for public consumption. The walls are filled with the work of chapter architects - us included.

The space will be open for the duration of Artprize. If you can't make it down for the ArchiBall, stop down to the storefront before Ricky D and the boys wrap this thing up. There's no Le Grand Bebe this year, but there's still a lot of wacky stuff to be seen.


And, for those of you not hep to the whole ArtPrize thing; it's kind of a big deal.

Hope to see you downtown!