Prior to joining Lott3 Metz Architecture, Greg Metz was responsible for the design and management of numerous Fifth Third Bank and Steelcase Inc. projects. The largest of these was the Steelcase University Learning Center in which he was actively involved in benchmarking and program development for this state-of-the-art higher educational facility. On this project Mr. Metz also enjoyed being responsible for client interaction, the budget, and schedule. In addition, Mr. Metz was involved in the early development of a learning center for the City of Grand Rapids and the Forest Hills Environmental School.

Since Mr. Metz created Lott3 Metz Architecture with Ted Lott, he has designed the Oasis at Steelcase Global Headquarters, several projects at GVSU, expansion planning for New Branches School. In addition to those he has worked on numerous renovation and historic preservation projects. He brought his experience in green design principles and the firm applies as many as possible to every project. Greg and Ted co-authored the green design guidelines for affordable housing.

Ted Lott founded Lott3 Architecture, LLC in summer of 2001 with a concentration in innovative urban design and architecture in downtown Grand Rapids. Mr. Lott has designed and led the development of some of the most important work in Grand Rapids in the past seven years. His working relationships with some of West Michigan’s leading organizations have resulted in the steady growth of Lott3, resulting in it’s evolution to Lott3Metz Architecture, LLC in January of 2004.

The past 6 years of Mr. Lott’s work with Lott3Metz Architecture, LLC has seen a high volume of work successfully completed for organizations such as Spectrum Health and Aquinas College. Mr. Lott is an award-winning architect, urban designer and planner who worked hard over the years as an active stakeholder in the city neighborhoods; building strong relations with not only the City of Grand Rapids but also the neighborhood residents all around the City.

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